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Facilities Management

eFacility System is a comprehensive, web-based Facilities Management solution that brings together all key operational activities in MIMT into a single location, fully accessible from any web-enabled device. The solution includes booking and managing accommodation and class room facilities. Also streamlining house keeping, food and beverage management and maintenance operations.

Facilities Management
Facilities Booking

Facilities Booking

Facilities Booking Module provides a flexible set of tools and options to simplify the administration and optimisation of shared resources in MIMT throughout a centralized booking system. From meeting, conference room and hot desk booking through to booking training facilities, parking spaces and pool cars, the Facilities Booking module combines a rich feature set with ease of use.

Mobile App

MIMT mobile app provides a fully functional, interactive and user-friendly platform where customers can easily connect with MIMT Services and the Event Managers without having to navigate through the entire site. With this application customers can:

  • View Events
  • View Attendees
  • Connect and interact with Schedule Items
  • Things to do
  • MIMT Info and Quick Connect
  • Feedback

Mobile App


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